How to Mirror Mac to TV Using Chromecast

Mirrror MAC to TV – Apple products are tricky to use because they are usually not compatible with other brands—this is why most Apple users will tend to have everything Apple. However, if you are the kind who likes to mix things up, there is still hope.  What if you do have an Apple TV but it decided to retire one day?

Google Chromecast is an alternative to AirPlay that allows Mac or MacBook users to mirror their screens to a TV. Here is how to do so:

How to Mirror Mac to TV without Apple TV

#1 Setting up Google Chromecast

After completing Chromecast’s physical setup (plugging it on your TV and powering it up), follow these steps:

  1. Launch Chrome and go to
  2. Click Download to get the Chromecast.dmg file on your Mac. mirror mac to tv
  3. Install the file on your Mac.
  4. Click the Accept button to agree to its Privacy and Terms conditions. mirror mac to tv
  5. It will start searching for available Chromecasts. mirror mac to tv
  6. Click on the Set Up button to configure your Chromecast after the list populates. mirror mac to tv
  7. Click Continue when the software confirms that it is ready to set up the HDMI dongle. mirror mac on tv
  8. Select your Country so that you are able to configure the device properly. mirror mac on tv
  9. This will prompt the software to connect the device to the app. mirror mac on tv
  10. Confirm that the code that appears on your Chromecast app (Mac) matches the one displayed on your TV—click the That’s my code button. mirror mac to tv without apple tv
  11. Select the WiFi network that you want to connect to and enter the password. mirror mac to tv without apple tv
  12. You will be able to then change the name of your Chromecast device. mirror mac to tv without apple tv
  13. Click Continue to connect the HDMI dongle to your WiFi network. mirror mac to tv without apple tv
  14. A confirmation will be displayed if the configuration is a success on your Mac and TV. Click the Get Cast Extension button to install the Cast browser extension. mirror mac to tv without apple tv
  15. A Chrome browser will open. Click the Add Extension button. Then Click the Add button when prompted.  mirror mac to tv without apple tv
  16. A confirmation will pop up after a successful installation. You will see a new icon on the Chrome toolbar. mirror mac to tv without apple tv
  17. To start using Chromecast, click on the Chromecast icon to enable it—this will send the contents of your browser’s tab to your TV. It will turn blue when in use.mirror mac to tv without apple tv

Don’t have an Apple TV to screen share your MAC display, does not mean that you cannot mirror your Mac on a TV. Hopefully, this article can helps you a lot for casting your MAC :D, please share it with other.

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